About Us

IT that works for you

We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. Our company started in 1996, and has been delivering a complete technology solution to our clients ever since. Our team of talented IT professionals can solve your IT nightmares once and for all.

Here's why so many businesses depend on Maintain Systems for complete IT services and support:

Response Time

When you have a computer issue, there is nothing more frustrating than waiting. Here at Maintain Systems, our phones are answered live and you are connected with a Technician in less than 30 minutes. We resolve 85% of your problems remotely, and since we aren't sitting in traffic, we can get your problems resolved fast.

Team of Technicians

With the complexity of today's technology challenges and security threats, it is imperative to have a large team of experts at your fingertips. Here at Maintain Systems, we have an expert team of Technicians; no matter what problem you have, we have an expert who can solve it.


With the large number of IT companies in the DFW area, it's hard to know which company to trust. Maintain Systems was founded in 1996, and many of our original clients are still being served by us today.

Provide a turnkey solution

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Our custom service packages deliver what you need and want without overstepping the boundaries of your budget. From cloud services to data backup, Maintain Systems is here to team up with you and your company for expert support. Call us today to schedule your FREE Network Assessment, and find out first-hand why Maintain Systems is the best choice for YOUR business!