Ransomware Protection

The truth is, legacy AV and prevention-only solutions don't cut it

Dealing with today's cyber threats requires a fundamentally different approach; not just alerting, but also real-time remediation

New and improved threats are released daily intending to do your business harm, but your traditional anti-virus can't protect you from the ever-evolving strains of malware and ransomware.

If your organization has not yet been hit by ransomware, the chances are it soon will be. Ransomware locks organizations of all sizes out of their own files and data, and then demand a ransom in exchange for unencrypting them. Companies who pay the ransom, often do not get their data back and will get extorted again.

Once an organization has been hit by ransomware, they are likely to get hit again for a number of reasons:


You have proven you lack sufficient security measures for your networks and are an easy target.


You have paid the ransom before, telling criminals you have the funds available and value your data, therefore you are profitable and easy to target again.


You have not addressed the issue of employee training to prevent easy access to your network.


Without a sophisticated end-point protection software, you are leaving a door open to your network. You risk data loss, severe down-time in your business, and loss of reputation if your client information is exposed.

We are partnered with SentinelOne, providing enterprise-level protection to small-mid size businesses that is behavior-based, can recover files, and provide a forensic real-time view of attacks from launch to termination.

Our software doesn’t need any prior knowledge of an attack to detect it and remediate it. So when the next wave of ransomware is released, you are confident that you are protected.

If you aren't certain your Anti-Virus is protecting you like you expect, or you are not protected at all, give us a call NOW!